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The Best in Blackjack Online

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games at Mummys Gold Casino. While part of the game is up to luck, it is also one of the table games heavily dependent on your skill, so you have a chance to change the outcome in your favour!

Blackjack is also commonly referred to as Twenty-One, largely because the gist of the game is to end up with a hand that is closest in numeric value to 21, without going over, which is referred to as a bust, going bust, or busting. The hand is played only against the dealer, and you’ll need to beat the dealer’s hand to be a winner!

The rules of Blackjack are quite easy to learn, and players who have become acquainted with them will quickly fall in the love with this game. Lets show you how to play Blackjack online so you can join in the fun of this card comparing game!

Understanding Online Blackjack

The suit of the cards at play is of little relevance in a game of Blackjack. The only thing that matters is the value of the cards, and each card has designated values attached.

Cards 2 through 10 are taken at standard face value. The Jack, Queen, and King are valued at 10. The Aces can be valued at either 1 or 11, making them instrumental in making decisions throughout the game.

After bets have been placed, the dealer will make the first deal, giving you and himself/herself two cards. The dealer’s cards will always be placed one face down and one face up, while your cards will either be placed face up, face down, or one card facing up and one card facing down. This depends on the house rules and the version of the game you’ve decided to play.

Winning Big in Blackjack

The score you end up with depends on the cards in your hands. If the hand has a value of 21 or under and ties with the dealer, this is called a push. Your wager is then simply returned and the hand is ended. If the first two cards dealt equal the value of 21, this is called a Blackjack. If this happens, you immediately win the hand.

If the first two cards are dealt and you have a value under 21, then you can decide if you want to receive another card, which is called a hit, or if you do not want to receive another card, which is called a stand. It is the decision whether to hit or stand which will greatly affect the outcome of a game.

While hitting or standing may sound fairly simple, there are numerous other Blackjack rules that you may take into play. Doubling Down, Splitting Pairs and buying insurance can all affect the game and can greatly change the outcome.

Choose a Blackjack Game to Suit You

Mummys Gold likes to cater to table game enthusiasts of all preferences, so we offer a superb selection of Blackjack games that each offers something special. You can choose from Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, Super Fun Blackjack and a great variety of other variants of this card comparing game. Every game is authentic and realistic, and we feature Live Dealer Blackjack games for those who prefer playing against a real dealer, in real time!

You can also choose between single and multi hand games, ensuring that no matter what your skills level, Mummys Gold will meet all your Blackjack needs!



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